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Fairview Art Show 2018

Hello Everyone!

The Fairview Art Show was held this weekend.  This is one of the few public art shows in this area that features the art work of Pre-K through 12th grade and amateur adult artists.

This year eight of my students participated in this show.  Congratulations to all who participated.  For many of you this was your first time entering into a public art show.  I know this takes a courage to get yourself out there and prepare your work to be judged.  Thank you for taking that leap of faith and taking this first step.  Having witnessed all the struggles and hard work that was poured into the project behind-the-scenes, all I can say is how incredibly proud I am for your accomplishment. All your work looked amazing at the art show!

The reception and award ceremony was held this afternoon.  I was super excited to learn that two of my students’ art pieces, Barbara’s cat portrait “Trixie”, and Mike’s portrait “Duty Honor Country”, received the People’s Choice Award!  Congratulations Barbara and Mike!!!

I cannot stress the importance of having your art be seen by larger audiences.  Every artwork has a voice that touches the viewers’ soul and that voice will never be heard without being seen.  This type of local art show that targets school-aged students and amateur artists is a great way for artists to get out of their comfort zone and have an opportunity to show their art to the public.  So start creating something amazing, and I look forward to seeing your art at the Fairview Art Show next year in April!

(This blog was originally posted on 4/29/2018)

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