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Flexible option for busy people

A bit camera shy? Or are you too busy to schedule a 25-min call session? No problem! Ask me via Email!


Get all the answers you need delivered right to your inbox with detailed step-by-step photos and instructions. No need to schedule an appointment or figure out the time zone difference!


Receive personalized guidance specific to your project. Submit your work, your reference photo, and your question. The response includes step-by-step photos and detailed instructions. Feel free to ask for art critique, portfolio review, and/or other art-related questions!

What is it like to have my email consultation?

Here is a video I created on how to register for my email consultation and what to expect from it.

Email consultation video title



Scroll down below and fill out the registration form to register for your private email consultation!

Please note tutorial notes may take up to a week.


Check out this video!

I would love for your work to look the best in its authentic form when I give you my personalized demo!
Here is a video I created on how to take a great work in progress photo and how to resize it. Please watch before filling out your form.

Email Consultation Registration Form


Please fill out the registration below to get started! The consultation fee is $30.

Upload Your Work in Progress File
Upload Your Reference Photo File
What kind of Colored Pencil set do you own? The tutorial will be given using Prismacolor pencils. If you do not own Prismacolor colored pencils, your tutorial will be given in a general color range instead of naming a specific color.

Thanks for your order!

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