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Let’s be Creative in July!

Hi Everyone,

Today, I am here to share some of my thoughts. 

This year has been nothing but crazy so far. Just as we are going through this global pandemic, we are seeing disheartening events on the news. There is a sense of uncertainty from our immediate surroundings to the global community. 

Although things may seem dire, I am very inspired by all those who are coming together, and making changes for the better.

Being a small business owner at this time of pandemic, I understand what it’s like to lose almost all income for two months and feel totally unsure about the future. I know everyone was affected by this pandemic, and for those of you who were more affected than others, my heart goes out to you. 

I thought about how to help, and how to be part of this change. What can I give to the community and the world?

One way I know how is to spread the joy of creativity through art. I know art heals. I know creativity empowers us and brings peace and harmony in us. We are all creative in some way. I strongly believe that being in a creative state really helps to relax, let go of stress, and be peaceful. By us being in that state more, we can allow our lives to be more loving, caring, kind, and compassionate.

If this calls to you, join me in the journey to be creative and express yourself during the month of July. It doesn’t have to be colored pencil art, or visual art. Be creative in your own way.

To do my part, I have decided to make July a Name Your Price month for all of my classes. Come join my class and pay what you can, or the value you feel is appropriate for what you get out of the class. This offer includes all of my in-person classes at my studio as well as video and email consultations. I wanted to remove all financial barriers for those of you who are financially affected by the pandemic. Nothing will stop us from being creative and expressing ourselves. 

If you are interested in taking this as an opportunity to learn how to draw or use colored pencils, please go to the link below. Due to the limitations I have for the class size, the name your price program is available for up to 4 classes and one per household. 

Let’s be creative together!

(This blog was originally posted on 6/20/20)

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