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I am a self-taught artist who is passionate about teaching and sharing art. I started my art journey when I was a teen but didn’t pursue it until much later in my adult life when serendipity brought me back to art in 2012. I felt a calling to pursue it seriously, so I decided to devote everything I had to create art with colored pencils. My initial plan was to switch the medium after I felt that I have learned all that I can learn, so I started drawing a wide variety of subject matters as a way to teach myself. Still to this date, I continue to learn something new about colored pencil art every day! Looks like it will be quite a long while until I am done with colored pencils!


In 2015, I landed an amazing opportunity to teach my passion at the McKinney Art House. Since then, I opened my studio in downtown McKinney in 2017 and am still teaching here in McKinney, TX. I believe everyone can learn to draw and I am here to help unlock the unlimited creativity we all possess within. I welcome students of all skill levels, interests and art styles and strive to have a lot of fun learning together as we go. The COVID pandemic and quarantine led me to start my own YouTube channel, where I teach art for free globally. 


If you are interested in learning about a few things I’ve done in the past, please have a look at my CV. 


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I believe we are all born to create, and I chose to create through art. As I create an art piece I think of sculpting on a two-dimensional surface, chiseling fine details one pencil stroke at a time. As I bring the subject to life in a drawing, I try to encapsulate the moment by infusing how it feels to touch, the scent, sounds, and emotions through colors. Art allows me to be in touch with the beauty of this world, and appreciation of small moments in life.


Drawing is just a skill and anyone can learn how to draw. What you want to do with that skill set is totally up to you. I am here to hold space for students to allow full expression of their creativity while I provide guidance in a creative, supportive, and inspiring environment. I enjoy and feel extremely honored to be part of their journey to art. Through teaching, I am learning so much from students and making me a better artist, teacher, and person.


119 W Virginia St ste 303, McKinney, TX 75069, USA

(469) 213-8552

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